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Polyurethane foam is an excellent product for a variety of commercial applications.

Because it is spray applied it provides a seamless, waterproof and insulating solution for a variety of roofing situations.

Church Roof 

This white sail roof was down in Colorado Springs, due to high winds. This was a repair and recoat of a church roof. All roofing safety guidelines are followed.

A foam roof system provides a monolithic self flashing roof. The application of polyurethane foam allows for drainage to be built in, parapet walls sealed, and roof equipment, vents and ducting to be sealed in.

Consisting of a sprayed polyurethane foam membrane, the SPF roof is coated with an elastomeric coating to help protect the foam from UV degradation and water leakage, making the roof highly energy efficient, seamless and lightweight. FM and UL Certified.

Bay Systems -SPF Roofing System .pdf

Barrel Roof Prior to Coating 

Barrel Roof